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1. AP Daily: Live Review


AP Daily: Live Review comes back on April 18 - 28. These sessions will be

streamed on YouTube and although they are live videos they will be available to

watch at any time. Experienced AP teachers will be reviewing for AP Exams

Monday through Thursday. The full schedule can be found at the following link:


2. AP Daily Videos


AP Daily Videos consist of short videos taught by experienced AP teachers. The

purpose of these videos is to review and practice the content in your own time to

test your skills in preparation for the AP Exam.


3. Other AP Classroom Resources


There are multiple resources that your teachers may use in their classroom

instruction to help you prepare throughout the school year for your exams.

● Topic Questions

● Progress Checks

● My Reports

● Additional Tips

● Exam Practice Questions


4. Take advantage of other free resources


Ask your AP teacher for any additional review resources or previous coursework

that could help refresh your memory of the curriculum taught at the beginning of

the school year.

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