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Many schools have different programs offered to students in order to make it adaptable

for all, and the 504 plans do just that. Florida offers a program for any student with

disabilities to get as much support as they require within the school. This is obligated for

all schools under the rehabilitation act section 504, in order to prevent any

discrimination or disadvantages amongst students and their education. All teachers are

made aware of the students' circumstances and must accommodate certain needs of

the student like changing the environment or changing how the curriculum/ lessons may

be presented or prepared, if needed.

Now, if you are seeking out extra support and the 504 plans seem like it would be

useful then you must contact your specific district's 504 coordinators. The school will

then hold a meeting and evaluate your need for extra support. Each district has different

evaluations and it varies upon which school you attend so be sure to contact them

directly as well if more information is needed.

504 plans also do not have specific disability lists that qualify the student, it is all based

on their evaluation. Some common examples that students may have that could be

interrupting their school work is Dyslexia or ADHD. Although students with ADHD can

qualify it must be, in their eyes, to an extreme extent in the case of no outside help


Some examples of schools accommodations to ADHD:

● Seat the student away from distractions and in close proximity to the teacher

● Give different seating options

● Give simpler instructions step by step

● May monitor and distribute medications

● Have a peer help with the course

Keep in mind, if the child is in need of different education services for each curriculum

due to their disability, then they should not be considering a 504 plan but rather an IEP

program. The difference between 504 plans and Individualized Education Program(IEP)

is that IEP offers the student different educational services that may be out of the

classroom or with a specific instructor. IEP also gives students more time on any exam

being taken. You must have a parents approval before qualifying for IEP, but you do not

for 504 plans depending on the circumstances.

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