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Life After A Humanities Degree

Many may have the idea that humanities majors may have lower income jobs that might

lead to sadness with their overall lives, yet this is very untrue.

In a study conducted by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences(AAAS) it is shown

that although humanities majors may be earning less compared to other career paths

they are still among one of the happiest with their decisions. “Humanities majors who

had earned an advanced degree (in either the humanities or a non humanities field)

were appreciably more likely to be satisfied with the contribution their work allowed

them to make to society as well as the intellectual challenge of their job.”

Multiple different types of data were collected including Gallup polling workers

nationwide. This allowed us to see that the majority of humanities workers are in places

of authority and are confident in their work. Not only do many graduates end up feeling

fulfilled, they end up working in multiple different fields rather than just one. Being a

humanities does not limit you. There are so many different options out there so don’t let

little stereotypes cause doubt.

(Data gathered from AAAS, “Satisfaction of Humanities Bachelor’s Degree Holders with

Aspects of Their Job, by Highest Degree”, 2019)

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