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Tips on How to Get Scholarships for Colleges

Scholarships are available to all kinds of students whether you have a story to tell or based on

your grades. Starting high school, you can already start applying to scholarships through the

International College Counselors: Finding other college scholarship opportunities can be done by following the next couple of tips.

1. Sign up for a free online scholarship search through any of the following websites. These sites are easier to navigate as most allow you to save your information to make scholarship searches easier based on your background information.

2. Look for local scholarships you may qualify for.

An easy way to start is by making a google search with “scholarships” and the name of

your city and state. You can also look for local scholarships by asking around your

neighborhood clubs or by contacting your school directly. Most schools may have some

scholarships set up for their students based on their academic achievements and


3. Apply for smaller scholarships.

Most students tend to focus on the scholarships with bigger awards as they are most

appealing to the eye, but that also means there is more competition towards them.

Applying to multiple scholarships with small awards can eventually add up.

4. Make searching for scholarships fun.

Apply for scholarships that fit your interests. Different scholarships have different

requirements and some of those may be to submit a video, write, or draw. This allows

students to be creative with their options.

5. Make your essays stand out.

When writing essays for scholarships or even college admissions it is best to think about

what makes your story unique.

6. Don’t waste time.

You should only be applying for scholarships that allow you to meet the eligibility

requirements. It is also good to keep in mind the requirements of the scholarships. It isn’t

necessary to go over the word count or time limit of any writing or video you may be


7. Be on time.

Procrastination isn’t the best way to go about college applications or scholarships. It is

best to approach things with time as one is never sure about what could happen last

minute possibly affecting your time and ability to go through with these applications.

8. You shouldn't have to pay a fee.

It is best to strive away from scholarship organizations that require you to pay a fee for

their services. Scholarship awards are never guaranteed and there are many free

scholarship resources out there that can provide the same services.

9. Apply for a ton of scholarships!

Students should be applying to multiple scholarships that way your chances of receiving

the awards increase. Scholarships should be continuously searched and applied for

even through your college years.

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