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What To Do If Your Early Decision/ Action College Application Returned a Deferral Or Denial

When having applied to a college through Early Decision or Early Action, the college’s response to the student is similar to that of a regular college application. They will either receive an acceptance, denied, or referral letter. The meaning of each one of these letters ranges as to what it means and what your next step should be.

An acceptance letter means you have been approved to attend that college and are ready to take the next steps that come with enrollment (details vary on the college).

If you have received a denial letter, you were not accepted at that institution, but it is not something to dwell on as it could’ve been for any reason. You should be proud of all your accomplishments as this one school doesn’t mean this is the end of your education. Multiple students have experienced denial to their dream school and end up loving the school they are admitted to as every school has its own personal benefits. If you are looking for help in order to increase your chances at admission, International College Counselors could always help boost your application or writing skills. A tip when communicating with them is to always be polite and be concise and professional. Another source you can look at is Edit the Work. They are a company that helps with writing, especially for admission letters and deferral letters.

If you received a deferral letter, this means the student hasn't been accepted or denied.

At this point they are most likely going to be reviewing your first semester grades from your high school senior year to determine your acceptance or denial. Your next steps should be to follow any request they have made in the letter, if included, and follow up with the college showing interest in the school and why you deserve to be there. As a backup the student should always submit other college applications. ICC can always be an option for help with any of the above suggestions.

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