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Top Scores SAT Tutoring

Unlimited 1-on-1 private tutoring with Dr. Sapneil Parikh himself (in person or virtually)

What's included:


  • Online practice SAT tests that can be taken anywhere and anytime to test your child’s progress


  • Self study math and reading modules and guides 

  • Student online portal access to important resources, checklists and important terms 

  • Customized weekly session bookings to fit in family's life




** Bonafide Burn Out Prevention Guide: How to handle stress management and prevent study burn out 


** 24/7 Fail Not Chat Bot: 24/7 chatbot access to one of our top tutors for assistance while studying 


** Steps to Securing the Scholarship: Step by step guide on how to qualify and apply to Bright Futures Scholarship


** Helping Hands Hack: List of community service options to boost your scholarship and college applications


** College Choice Cheat Code: List of top schools and what to look for when picking the best school


** College Essay Experience: How to write a college application essay that will get you accepted into college 




Only 10 one-on-one spots available--

Act NOW to secure your spot and get access to all bonuses!!!**

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Sapneil Guarantee

Personally guarantee  a higher score to qualify for 75%-100% Scholarship when tutoring directly with Dr. Sapneil Parikh himself or continue to schedule sessions at no additional charge until the next exam.

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