The SAT is a standardized test high school students take before applying to colleges. A student’s SAT score, along with their GPA, AP Scores, and relevant extracurricular activities are important factors that colleges look at when determining a student’s eligibility for college. Each college has a specific minimum SAT score requirement. Some college programs are more competitive than others, therefore, it is crucial that students prepare rigorously in order to distinguish themselves when applying to colleges.


In order to succeed on the SAT, it is important that the students are familiar with the different sections of the test and the respective times to monitor their pace. The SAT features four sections: reading, writing, math (with calculator), and math (without calculator). The reading section has 52 questions and allots 65 minutes to answer them. The writing section has 44 questions and 35 minutes to answer. The math without calculator section features 25 minutes for 25 questions, and the math with calculator section gives 55 minutes for 38 questions.

As some questions take longer than others, leave questions that require more time for last. Students are encouraged to use process of elimination whenever possible. The SAT does not deduct points for wrong answers so it is okay to guess when necessary.


Sapneil Tutoring offers comprehensive study plans that cater to the student’s individual needs. Our tutoring program teaches students how to annotate documents, extract evidence to support answers, analyze and interpret data from charts, and use context clues to figure out the meaning of vocabulary words. We empower students to do active, critical thinking when reading. Likewise, our SAT math programs reinforce foundational concepts dealing with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and complex number arithmetic.

It is often recommended that students take the SAT multiple times; their aptitude and confidence usually grows as they become familiar and comfortable with the types of questions featured and how much time is allotted for each. Sapneil Tutoring offers multiple exam simulations along with each program that enable the students to track their progress, pinpoint areas of weakness, and adjust their study plan to suit their specific needs.

You can register for the SAT online by visiting their website.


The PSAT is a standardized test administered by schools as a preliminary SAT for sophomores and juniors in high school. The test scores are used to determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship. The scores are also used as an early indicator of a student’s likely score for the SAT. It is highly recommended that students take the PSAT so that they are aware of their academic standing on the SAT and are able to work on their scores early on. At Sapneil Tutoring we use PSAT scores and previous SAT scores to determine what students need to focus on to maximize their final SAT score. We strongly urge students to take this test so that they may be better prepared for a thorough tutoring experience.
You can register for the PSAT by visiting the College Board website.

 SAT/PSAT Tutoring

Our private SAT and PSAT tutoring and small group SAT and PSAT workshops are designed to make test-takers more comfortable with the test-taking experience, increase scores and self-confidence, and teach skills that are as important in school and life as they are on the test. Interactive SAT and PSAT sessions focus on test familiarity, content, and the test-taking strategies students need to score at the top of their potential.

A comfortable but lively pace offers significant opportunity for questions and answers. We begin with an overview of the SAT or PSAT, then introduce the most effective strategies for each type of test question in reading, math, and writing. Students use new found strategies to solve and then discuss actual test questions.

We take a long-term view, motivating students to become word conscious and showing them how to work towards improved critical thinking as well as active reading and writing skills. Also, we integrate into our curriculum a thorough review of the most commonly tested math concepts, with significant emphasis on effective computational shortcuts, time-saving approaches, and valuable checking strategies. Students do homework before each session, typically consisting of a full-length actual test or selected test sections, vocabulary-building, math drills, and/or outside reading. With confidence-building incorporated into every session, Sapneil Tutoring Inc. students truly become SAT test smart!

Preparation for the PSAT and SAT are very similar. The PSAT is a shorter, easier version of the SAT; the PSAT consists of older SAT questions that have never before been published. While the test-taking strategies are identical for both tests, students practice with either SATs or PSATs, depending on the next test they are taking.