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Graduate Record Examination

Prepare for your GRE with the tutors at Sapneil Tutoring. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is an exam used by colleges to determine student eligibility for graduate programs. Unlike other standardized tests, the GRE is taken using a computer and is approximately 4 hours long, including breaks. Colleges assess a student’s GRE along with previous academic performance, GPA, and extracurricular activities when sorting through potential graduate school candidates. Performing well on the GRE can really increase your opportunities when applying to different graduate programs.

The GRE contains six sections: one Analytical Writing section, two Verbal Reasoning sections, two Quantitative Reasoning sections, and an experimental or research section:

- The first Analytical Writing section features two questions and allows 30 minutes to answer each. The first question                requires the student to analyze an issue, and the second to analyze an argument. It is scored on a scale of 0-6, with 6             being the highest possible score.

- The Verbal Reasoning sections are allotted 30 minutes each and contain a total of 40 questions.

- The Quantitative Reasoning sections are allotted 35 minutes each and contain a total of 40 questions.


This website demonstrates average GRE scores for the top 50 business schools.

To take the GRE you must schedule an appointment. There are three different ways to do this:

1. Register online through the ETS website.

2. Call the test center directly or the Prometric Call Center at 1-443-751-4820 or 1-800-GRE-CALL (1-800-473-2255).

3. Download and fill out a registration form and mail the fee and signed voucher request form in the envelope provided to the address printed on the voucher at least 4 weeks before your test date.

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