Scholastic Testing Service’s HSPT is an admissions test for entry into Catholic High Schools.  The HSPT contains five multiple-choice sections: Verbal, Quantitative Skills, Reading, Mathematics, and Language Skills.  Depending on the school, the HSPT might also feature an optional section covering Science, Mechanical Aptitude or Catholic Religion.  The optional test is not included in the composite score from the HSPT and not every school chooses to use the optional test.  Schools that require the optional test might use the score to determine a student’s placement in particular courses such as honors and advanced classes.


HSPT examinations usually occur first in spring and then again in the fall of the same year. Depending on when the student expects to start high-school, they should select the correct test date. Students should contact the institution they will be applying to to find out the specific testing date for schools in their area.  For students that want to start high-school in the fall, they should take the examination first in the spring of the year prior to admissions. This gives the student the opportunity to re-take the exam if they didn’t receive the scores they need.

Our HSPT Tutors specialize in maximizing our students HSPT scores, building confidence in their test taking skills, and preparing them to succeed in their goals. Through our 1-on-1 private tutoring sessions, our students receive the care they need and flourish to reach their potential. Our lesson plans focus on establishing familiarity, good test-taking skills, and providing the student with enough content to go at whatever pace they want.


The HSPT emphasizes critical reading, writing, and math, so our tutors emphasize the same things. Each student receives their own customized lesson plans, allowing tutors to focus on what the student feels they need the most practice on while including the tutors experience in the field. Our 1-on-1 sessions create a comfortable question and answer format, while maintaining forward momentum towards improvement.

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