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Printable SAT/ACT
Practice Tests

This guide offers a detailed list of official, printable SAT practice tests and answer keys, providing an unparalleled collection of resources for your SAT prep. Beyond just listing these tests, it includes strategies to improve your scores and optimize your test performance. Utilize this wealth of SAT practice materials to get familiar with the exam format, sharpen your skills, and build confidence for test day. With these tools, you're well-equipped to progress towards your SAT objectives. Start your SAT preparation journey now and make the most of these invaluable practice tests and strategies for success.


In order to better recreate the Official SAT or ACT, we are now requiring that virtual students begin their exams at 8:30 AM on their scheduled Saturday. Preferred time slot.


Exam is generally from 8:30am -12:30pm or when they get a 4 hour slot during the weekend.

Please make sure to input the correct Test # and Student ID on the virtual bubble sheet. 

Materials needed: 

You will need a blank sheet of paper and a scientific calculator. 

Let me remind you of the timing per section:



Reading: 65-minutes  

Writing and Language: 35-minutes

10 minute break 

Math No-Calculator:   25-minutes   

Math Calculator: 55-minutes  



English : 75 minutes  

Math : 60 minutes 

Reading :35 minutes 

Science : 35 minutes 


If the student has extended timing , adjust the timing accordingly to reflect 50 or 100 percent extra time.

Simulate the testing experience with Sapneil Tutoring


Use the following strategies to effectively utilize SAT practice tests and maximize your preparation.

It is crucial to review both the questions you answered incorrectly and the ones you answered correctly on practice tests.

Merely skipping over questions you got wrong without understanding your mistakes can impede your learning process. By comprehensively reviewing the questions you missed, you can identify the type of errors you made and rectify them. Additionally, examining the questions you answered correctly can help reinforce your understanding of why you got them right and further solidify your knowledge. Neglecting to review both correct and incorrect questions can significantly impact your overall test performance.

Complete at least 4 full-length practice tests before sitting for the actual SAT.

The Sapneil Tutoring team recommends taking multiple SAT practice tests to ensure thorough preparation. Drawing from our extensive experience with thousands of students, we recommend completing at least four practice tests. This strategy allows students to become well-acquainted with the SAT's diverse sections and question types, fostering confidence, improving time management, and sustaining stamina during the exam.

Should you decide to undertake more than four practice tests, it can only benefit your preparation, offering deeper insights and a firmer grasp of the exam's structure. However, it's crucial to complement these practice tests with focused study sessions targeting your specific areas of improvement. At Sapneil Tutoring, we believe this balanced approach accelerates progress and significantly boosts your SAT performance.

Always take full practice tests in one sitting to simulate the actual exam conditions and improve endurance.

When considering the question of whether the practice SAT test should be taken in one sitting, it is important to take into account the duration of the exam and the level of focus required. The digital SAT, although shorter than previous versions, still spans over two hours on an early Saturday morning. Students have often shared their struggles with maintaining concentration throughout the entire test and avoiding careless mistakes towards the end.

Preparing for the SAT can be compared to training for a marathon, as it requires building the necessary stamina to endure the test. Taking each practice test in one sitting, mirroring the conditions of the actual SAT, is recommended to enhance this stamina. However, if finding continuous time for a full test seems challenging, splitting it into multiple sessions over several days can be a viable solution. It is crucial to ensure that the time limits for each section are strictly adhered to during these divided practice sessions.

Ultimately, it is emphasized that engaging in some SAT practice, whether completed in one sitting or divided over multiple days, is more beneficial than not practicing at all. The goal is to develop familiarity with the test format, build endurance, and hone the necessary skills to achieve success on the actual SAT.

Spending extra time on a section during practice SAT exams can have a significant impact on your score.

By investing just a few more minutes in a particular section, you enable yourself to answer more questions than you would have been able to within the actual time limit. This additional time allows you to carefully consider and respond to more questions, potentially resulting in a higher score. Due to the extra time, your practice SAT score may become inflated, giving you a false sense of improvement and a potentially inaccurate indicator of your actual scoring ability. The inflated score happens because the additional time provides an advantage that would not be available under normal testing conditions. Consequently, this better performance may not accurately reflect your true abilities, as it relies on the luxury of spending more time than what would be allowed during the official SAT examination. Therefore, it is crucial to keep in mind that while spending extra time on a section during practice exams can boost your score temporarily, it may not be a true representation of how you would perform on the actual test. To obtain a more accurate assessment of your scoring ability, it is advisable to adhere strictly to the designated time limits during practice SAT exams.

Match your practice tests with the current exam's format.

With the SAT shifting to digital between 2023-2024, identify if your test date is before or after this change. Pre-2024 U.S. test-takers should use the 8 official paper-based practice tests, while those taking the digital SAT post-spring 2024 should practice with the 4 digital tests available through the College Board's Bluebook app. This approach ensures familiarity with either the paper or digital format, improving overall performance. For students with accommodations using paper tests post-2024, the 4 official digital-format printable tests are recommended. Matching practice test formats with the actual SAT is key to effective preparation and success.

Use old practice tests as valuable tools in your preparation.

These tests, which were used before the SAT underwent a major redesign in 2016 were based on a 1600-point scale, which was the scoring system prior to the switch to a 2400-point scale in 2005. You may find that only a few significant differences exist between the old 1600 SAT and the later 2400 SAT, making these tests still relevant for practice. While searching for these old SAT practice tests, it's essential to keep a few things in mind. You may come across analogies questions in the Reading section, which consisted of identifying relationships between words. However, since analogies are no longer included in the current SAT, you can skip these questions while practicing. Additionally, there may be comparison questions in the Math section, where you need to determine which of two options is greater. As these question types are not part of the current SAT, you can also skip them during your preparation. It's worth noting that these very old SAT practice tests may not include a Writing section. Therefore, it is advisable to complement your preparation with supplementary materials that cover the grammar and question types specific to the current SAT's Writing and Language section. This will ensure that you are fully prepared for all sections of the exam. Lastly, it is worth expressing gratitude that the need to answer some of these old-format questions, particularly analogies, is no longer a requirement for the SAT. Analogies were known for causing students to spend significant time memorizing vocabulary, contributing to the SAT's reputation in the past. In your search for very old SAT practice tests in the pre-2005 1600 format, consider checking out the official SAT resources available for the respective years. These may offer a comprehensive and reliable set of questions and answers for practice.

What if the practice tests alone are not enough to improve my SAT performance?

Sapneil Tutoring recognizes that practice tests might not cover all the bases for enhancing SAT scores. That's why we offer specialized guides to help students identify their weaknesses and learn the best strategies for success. This guide empowers students to explore various SAT prep methods, ensuring they find an approach that resonates with their unique learning style.

We believe in the uniqueness of each student's learning journey. If practice tests alone aren't cutting it, don't worry. With Sapneil Tutoring's resources and personalized SAT preparation strategies, students can craft a study plan that suits their individual needs, setting them on a path to achieving their desired SAT results.

Practice Answer Sheets

Print out the Practice Bubble Answer Sheet for the test you are looking to take.

Then print out the test you want to take.

Practice. Practice. Practice.


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PSAT Practice Tests and Answers

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