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Printable SAT/ACT
Practice Tests

Print out the Practice Bubble Answer Sheet for the test you are looking to take.

Then print out the test you want to take.

Practice. Practice. Practice.


Simulate the testing experience with Sapneil Tutoring

In order to better recreate the Official SAT or ACT, we are now requiring that virtual students begin their exams at 8:30 AM on their scheduled Saturday. 


Exam is generally from 8:30am -12:30pm or when they get a 4 hour slot during the weekend.


Preferred the 8:30am time slot.

Please make sure to input the correct Test # and Student ID on the virtual bubble sheet. 

Materials needed: 

You will need a blank sheet of paper and a scientific calculator. 

Let me remind you of the timing per section:



Reading: 65-minutes  

Writing and Language: 35-minutes

10 minute break 

Math No-Calculator:   25-minutes   

Math Calculator: 55-minutes  



English : 75 minutes  

Math : 60 minutes 

Reading :35 minutes 

Science : 35 minutes 


If the student has extended timing , adjust the timing accordingly to reflect 50 or 100 percent extra time.

Practice Answer Sheets


2023 Printable Practice ACT Test

2023 Printable Practice SAT Test

2022 Printable Practice SAT Test

2021 Printable Practice SAT Test

2021 Printable Practice ACT Test: 74FPRE

2020 Printable Practice SAT Test

2020 Printable Practice ACT Test

2019 Printable Practice SAT Test

2019 Printable Practice ACT Test

2018 Printable Practice SAT Test

2017 Printable Practice SAT Test

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