Private Tutoring

 In our Standard Comprehensive 1-on-1 Private Tutoring Package you will receive:

  • 24 Hours of Customized Private Tutoring including 2 Fully Proctored Simulated Exams in our office.

  • Customized Course Material (All Books Included!);

  • Strategy Workshops;

  • Intense review on course material;

  • Strengthening areas of weaknesses via specialized study schedule;

  • Customized score sheet evaluation after each exam/endurance skills sessions;

Please Note:

Due to COVID-19, In-Office tutoring offered on a very limited basis. In addition to significantly reduced quantity, students will be required to abide by COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines. These guidelines include but are not limited to social distance learning, wearing of a face mask, and sanitizing hands at the door of the office.

To be applicable for In-Office tutoring, each student must:

  • Provide a notarized, negative COVID-19 test results

  • Sign COVID-19 Safety Waiver, acknowledging and agreeing to the safety restrictions and guidelines we have in place for our students.

Virtual Tutoring

As we continue to adapt to the current situation, we have begun to offer fully digital virtual tutoring.

Each of our tutors has been trained to continue their sessions digitally, while keeping up the program quality that Sapneil Tutoring is known for. 

Our Virtual Tutoring programs include:

  • Face-to-Face time with your tutor (2-Hour Sessions)

  • Customized homework plans to assure your goals are reached

  • Proctored official practice exams

  • All the PDF resources and guides you'll need for your subject.

  • Regular progress-reports (parents can attend these sessions as well)

  • Customized Course Material (where applicable)

Our course packages are fully customizable to suit your needs!

In addition to our 1-on-1 Private Tutoring Packages, we offer additional add-ons.


Would you like to supplement your 1-on-1 Private Tutoring Package with Small Group Courses?

How about supplementing your tutoring package with our convenient Skype Tutoring Sessions?

We’ve helped you achieve your score, need help getting into your choice of University/College or Graduate School? Check out our Application Assistance and College advising.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how to add on additional services.

Take advantage of Sapneil’s Guaranteed Higher Score Package, which carries the following stipulations:

Should your score not increase by a minimum of 250 Points in the SAT or 4 Points in the ACT, you will receive your money back. However, this guarantee carries with it certain criteria to qualify for the money back should your score not increase:

- All assigned homework and practice problems/tests should be completed prior to the next session through the duration of   the course.

- You must have attended all the scheduled private tutoring sessions. Note: Cancelled sessions or Request to switch a   session less than 24 hours prior to a session will carry a $25.00 penalty.

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