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Find Your Perfect Test Match With Our SAT VS ACT Predictor Test

Unsure which test to take? Our predictor test identifies your strengths and weaknesses on both exams, giving you first-hand experience and a roadmap for success. Plus, our diagnostic report provides a side-by-side comparison of your performance and pinpoints which topics to focus on. Get started today and increase your chances of getting into your dream school.
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Find out which test is right for you with just one click

The SAT vs ACT Predictor Test is the perfect tool to help students decide which test to take for optimal college admissions success. Our diagnostic report provides a comprehensive analysis of your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on the topics that need improvement. Plus, with first-hand experience on both exams, you'll be fully prepared to excel on test day.

Maximize your chances for success with the right test

Choosing the right test is crucial when it comes to getting into your dream school. Our SAT vs ACT Predictor Test identifies your individual strengths and abilities, providing you with a personalized recommendation on which test to take. With our diagnostic report, you'll have a clear roadmap for excelling on the actual exam and maximizing your chances for success.


Ace your college entrance exam with confidence

Don't let the SAT or ACT exam intimidate you. Gain first-hand experience with both exams and identify your strengths and weaknesses with our SAT vs ACT Predictor Test. Our diagnostic report provides a roadmap for excelling on the actual exam, ensuring that you'll be confident and ready to succeed on test day.

Unlock your exam success with a personalized roadmap

Don't leave your test-taking future up to chance. Take the SAT vs ACT Predictor Test and get a customized roadmap for exam success. Our comprehensive report will pinpoint your weaknesses and guide you towards improvement, ensuring you excel on the actual exam. Make the first step in preparing successfully and secure your spot at your dream school today.

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How to Register and Purchase Test

Click button below and fill out the form to purchase access to the SAT/ACT Predictor Exam.

Cost To Take Test

The online test costs $299 per student.

*This cost gets credited towards any tutoring program purchased at Sapneil Tutoring.

Included With Registration

You get the test booklet, bubble sheet, and 9 page detail diagnostic report & access to online test.

You have the option to take the test online or complete the paper test by filling the bubble sheet provided.

Test Overview

Students can fill the bubble sheet at home or at one of our locations.


Student will take the timed test online.

It’s a 3 hour and 6 minutes (i.e. 186 minutes) timed test.

Once the test is started, you can cannot exit, pause or stop the test.

You can exit the test before you start and login later to take the test.

An appropriate amount of time is provided for students to read the instructions preceding each section.

Once the test is completed, you can generate the diagnostic report instantly.



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