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How to Purchase Test and Take Test Online

The online test costs $299 per student.

*This cost gets credited towards any tutoring program purchased at Sapneil Tutoring.

  • ​Click button below and fill out the form to purchase access to the SAT/ACT Predictor Exam.

  • You get the test booklet, bubble sheet, and 9 page detail diagnostic report & access to online test.

  • You have the option to take the test online or complete the paper test by filling the bubble sheet provided.

  • Students can fill the bubble sheet at home or at one of our locations.

  • Student will take the timed test online.

  • It’s a 3 hour and 6 minutes (i.e. 186 minutes) timed test.

  • Once the test is started, you can cannot exit, pause or stop the test.

  • You can exit the test before you start and login later to take the test.

  • An appropriate amount of time is provided for students to read the instructions preceding each section.

  • Once the test is completed, you can generate the diagnostic report instantly.


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