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College Admissions go SAT-Optional (how to get noticed by your dream university)

First and foremost even though the SAT has been cancelled for this year’s admissions does not mean to altogether forego the SAT. Many academic/ merit-based scholarships still hold the SAT as a way of determining eligibility. Therefore, sign up for the SAT’s date in the Fall of 2020. This will allow a chance to obtain scholarships in the future if not a university/college admission.

Next, it is important to stay in practice for the SAT, so, make a daily study plan to stay ahead of your studies and continue to take an SAT practice test at least once a month to ensure you’re studying the correct subjects. Even if you do extremely well on a practice test in May does not mean you’ll be ready when the test comes along in August or later. DO NOT GIVE UP!!

In these times of boredom because you’re staying home take an hour or two out of each day to keep your mind refreshed on what you need to know. It’s also advised that you regularly check in on the college board website to receive up to date news on what the College Board’s next steps will be in tackling the COVID epidemic and allowing for future testing. This year’s admission process into college/ university has been difficult and exasperating but the colleges know this and are trying their best to accommodate.

Many schools have decided to become test-optional schools, meaning they will only review GPA, recommendation letters, and extra curriculars when deciding acceptance. In addition, many universities are extending their deadlines when it comes to decision day deadlines as well as deposit deadlines.

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