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Extended Deadline for Bright Futures Scholarship

As we're all well aware, the COVID-19 global pandemic has severely affected testing and academic timelines. Many students remain confused and anxious about how their education will be affected moving forward into the very unsure future.

We’ve watched SAT and ACT exams get cancelled and pushed back one by one. We watched college admission timelines get delayed or changed in ways that made it very difficult for students to persevere and excel. We’ve also seen months’ (and sometimes years’) preparation go down the drain as the future of standardized testing is re-written.

Now, we begin to see how our State will fight to get students back on track. Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that the deadline for the Bright Futures Scholarship has been pushed back until December 1st. Normally, this scholarship has a deadline of August 31st of the same year the High-School senior graduates. For this very irregular year, the state is allowing an additional 4 months to apply.

This decision comes in part due to the fact the many SAT/ACT exams have been cancelled, and students have had overall less opportunities to take the exam compared to past students. This could have potentially ruined students’ chance to gain financial aid and scholarships, so the State is allowing more time for students to prepare for and take state-level standardized exams. Although the deadline has been changed, the qualifications are still very competitive.

The Florida Academic Scholars scholarship requires a 3.5 Weighted GPA, 29 ACT score or 1330 SAT score with 100 hours of community service. This is the upper half for the Florida Bright Future Scholarship, covering 100% of the students in-state tuition. The Florida Medallion Scholars scholarship requires a 3 Weighted GPA, 25 ACT score or 1210 SAT score with 75 hours of community service. This is the lower half of funding for the Bright Futures Scholarship, covering 75% of the students in-state tuition.

With this updated deadline, it is of upmost importance that students use the time effectively. Since the Bright Futures Scholarship still requires an ACT or SAT score, students should be training specifically for one of these exams. The most effective way to prepare for these exams would be through an all-inclusive program. These programs must include tutoring sessions with a certified tutor, official practice exams to measure progress and adapt learning plans, and regular progress-reports with updated learning plan. Here at Sapneil Tutoring, we are proud to offer each of those tools, and a wide variety of other tools for students to succeed with. We currently offer virtual and in-person (see “Private Tutoring” tab) tutoring programs specifically catered to raising our students’ SAT and ACT scores. Our first priority is helping you set and accomplish your academic goals. In the past we have helped students improve by quantities of 300+ points on the SAT, and 7+ points on the ACT. Give us a call and we will help you set your academic goals (University admission, scholarships, etc,) and we will tell you how you can accomplish them.

Find out more information about college admissions, our programs or on our student-exclusive scholarship program by visiting our website:

Give us a call or send us an email anytime!


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