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Faith-Related Extracurricular Activities and College Admission

One of the most important aspects of a high school student’s college application is

extracurricular activities. Extracurriculars are an excellent way for students to develop and

discover their own interests. Students can demonstrate positive characteristics like leadership, perseverance, and compassion through the extracurriculars they list on their college applications. Unfortunately, over the years students have shied away from showcasing faith-related extracurriculars on their college applications. Some worry that faith-related extracortical could rub-off badly on certain admission officers that are prejudiced or prefer a different religion. This fear is certainly unfounded, and could even be considered a blessing sense who would want to attend a college like that anyway.

Other students worry that admission officers could prefer different types of extracurriculars like sports or the arts. Many high school athletes invest heavily into their respective sport-related extracurricular activity. They treated as their pivotal “key” to gain college admission, and for some students it is. Nevertheless, “one activity” resumes like these ones are usually risky, and are generally not what college admission officers are looking for. Faith-related extracurricular activities provide an excellent opportunity for high school students to showcase their positive traits. Faith-related extracurriculars can provide leadership, volunteer

and work experience These activities could be partaking in a mission trip, playing music at a

religious service, or even volunteering to teach at a Sunday school.

One of the most promising ways to partake in a faith-based activity is to participate at a

nonprofit. Nonprofits are usually associated with a variety of different religious organization.

The easiest way to find nonprofits in need of help is to search for them online. Students can

search-up Nonprofits looking for teen volunteers. If this options proves unfruitful, then students can always reach out to their place of worship, and find potential service projects near them. Faith-related extracurriculars may not be what every high school is looking for, but please never discount a faith-related extracurriculars based on unnecessary fears. There is no one perfect extracurricular for a college application.

Top Christian Universities in the United States

Below is a list of some of the best Christian Universities in the United States:

Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dallas, TX

• Average GPA: 3.64

• Average SAT: Reading & Writing (630-710), Math (620-740)

• Average ACT: 29-33

Texas Christian University (TCU) Fort-Worth, TX

• Average GPA: 3.64

• Average SAT: Reading & Writing (560-660), Math (550-660)

• Average ACT: 25-31

Pepperdine University (PU) Malibu, CA

• Average GPA: 3.66

• Average SAT: Reading & Writing (600-690), Math (600-720)

• Average ACT: 26-31

Wheaton College (WC) Wheaton, IL

• Average GPA: 2.0

• Average SAT: Reading & Writing (610-720), Math (600-730)

• Average ACT: 26-32

St. Olaf College Northfield, MN

• Average GPA: 3.67

• Average SAT: Reading & Writing (580-690), Math (570-700)

• Average ACT: 25-32

Harding University (HU) Searcy, AR

• Average GPA: 3.64

• Average SAT: Reading & Writing (540-650), Math (520-640)

• Average ACT: 21-29

Baylor University (BU) Waco, TX

• Average GPA: 3.72

• Average SAT: 1200 – 1380

• Average ACT: 25 – 32

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