Optional SAT/ACT Testing for College Admissions

In these interesting times during and following the COVID outbreak many colleges/ universities are adjusting the way they accept students to a form of acceptance called test optional. A transition to test optional means that rather than SAT/ACT scores being the most important item when getting into college now colleges will prioritize your high school GPA, recommendation letters, and extracurricular activities. Although the university/ college themselves may no longer be viewing SAT/ ACT scores as a means of entry, many merit-based scholarships will still be disbursed by having or obtaining a high SAT/ ACT score, or maintaing a strong college GPA.

-Some schools around the country that have become test optional due specifically because of the COVID outbreak include:

· Amherst (1 year)

· BU (1 year)

· Centre College (3 years)

· Davidson (3 year pilot)

· Hamilton (1 year*)

· Oberlin (3 years)

· Pomona College (1 year)

· Haverford (3 year pilot)

· Swarthmore (2 years)

- Included in the following is a list of scholarships that will still view SAT/ACT test scores when choosing whom they accept:

· President’s Scholars, GPA: 3.65, ACT 32+ or SAT 1460+

· Dean’s Scholars, GPA: 3.55, ACT 30+ or SAT 1390- 1450

· Florida College Scholars, GPA: 3.40, ACT 27- 29 or SAT 1280- 1380

· Achievemant Scholars, GPA: 3.00, ACT 23- 26 or SAT 1130- 1270

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