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Overcoming the Anxiety Associated with Math and Science Tutoring: An Effective Guide for Tutors

Does having to tutor math and science subjects make you feel anxious? Do you feel like you've never really been a "Math-person"? Don't worry, many tutors feel the same way, but nonetheless can still be top-of-the-line tutors! Sometimes the way a tutor speaks to their student can make the student feel uncomfortable or confused. Other times tutors use self-defeating talk or ignore their intuition, giving the student the feeling that the tutor is lacking confidence in the material.

With distance learning becoming the new norm, tutors must try harder than ever to make sure their students stay on track in their learning. Dr. Sapneil S. Parikh, founder of Sapneil Tutoring, details his personal tips and strategies for tutoring. Dr. Parikh shares the blueprint to being an excellent tutor, providing insight into tutor anxiety, student anxiety, encouraging students, and building a strong tutor-student relationship.

With a little help from Dr. Parikh's article for the National Tutoring Association, you can be a confident, prolific tutor that encourages their students to be leaders and independent learners.

Keep reading to learn Dr. Sapneil S. Parikh's framework to getting over this anxiety and becoming a great tutor!

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