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SAT/ACT Test Dates for 2022-2023

Registration Tip: Register early!

Enrolling early guarantees that students won't experience late expenses. You will likewise have an opportunity to get a spot on your preferred test date and testing location. Registration deadlines can be found on both the ACT and College Board sites. Students who get any accommodations should meet with a counselor to complete the necessary paperwork in order to have their needs met.

Tip: Create a Study Plan

All universities acknowledge either the SAT or ACT and there is no right or wrong decision in

choosing which test to take. Which test a student takes relies completely on what turns out best for them.

We suggest that all students start with a diagnostic test for both the ACT and the SAT. These

can be accessible on the web, through tutoring centers, or in test prep books. Students should make an effort to dominate the content, organization, pacing, and question style. When you have appropriately checked your test-taking capacities, plan to devote like three months to get ready for your test, the SAT or ACT.

It is important to really understand what the questions are posing and eliminating responses.

The student shouldn't anticipate acing the test on their first attempt. Since most universities

permit students to super score their ACT or SAT; retakes are an extraordinary choice. There are no restrictions to how often a student can take each test, but it is suggested that most students take the SAT or ACT at least a time or two.

Links for Testing Dates

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