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SAT's & College Applications Holiday Break Prep

If you are currently a Junior or a Senior then that means many of you may have upcoming SATs and many college applications to start applying to. This may seem pretty stressful for many of you, but there’s no need to worry, as long as you organize your time accordingly. If you are taking the December or March SAT make sure to take advantage of your breaks from school for Thanksgiving and Christmas to study until you feel fully prepared. This goes for college applications as well. Many of you seniors will be finishing up applying to your last couple of colleges/universities by early 2022, which gives you an opportunity to complete your applications during these breaks as well.

Seniors should also take the time to visit as many schools as possible in order to really get a

feel of the campus and whether or not this is a school worth applying to or attending.

Remember, you may love a school based on what Google has informed you but physically

placing yourself on campus will give you a sense of belonging or not.

When preparing for the SAT there are many different outlets you may use. For example, you

may use Khan Academy to help you focus on the key things you need to work on in order to

achieve a higher score. You can also attend SAT tutoring courses, especially during breaks

being that you will have more time on your hands. If you are a Junior and this is your first time

taking the SAT start test prep planning for yourself and schedule out when you would be able to study.

Use these breaks to organize your schedule and take advantage of your free time in order to get everything you need to be done, done, so you feel fully prepared and confident in your

applications and upcoming tests.

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