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What Parents Should Know During The Home Stretch of College Admission

Undoubtedly, the college admission process can be very stressful. It’s a process that cannot only be very stressful for students, but also for the parents of the students undergoing the process. One of the most stressful times of the college admission process can be near the very end. Anxiously anticipating the responses of colleges can be extremely nerve-racking. It’s particularly important for parents to be there for children kids during this stressful time. Below is a list of things parents can do to help their children during this time.

1. Be encouraging and supportful: For a child, the opinion of their parents is everything. For

many kids the first person they go to for advice is their parents. It’s important for parents to

be thoughtful during this time, and listen to the questions of their children non-judgmentally.

Help steer you children into making the best possible decision for themselves.

2. Help maintain the balance: Having a successful college admission process doesn’t mean

that students need to forfeit their years in high school. High school can be stressful on its

own as it is! It’s important for students to have the time to socialize and relax. Students

cannot have a successful college admission process if they have packed schedules

3. Help keep track of the details: The college admission process is not something that students should handle on their own! Parents can help their children register for tests,

schedule college interviews/visits, join college mailing lists, and keep track of deadlines.

Help your child develop a calendar, or help your child organize all their important


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