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What to Do For a College Interview

Applying to colleges is already extremely stressful for most students and worrying about getting into your top schools is probably the only thing on your mind at the moment. First off, you are all going to do amazing so try and ease up a little, second, there are multiple different ways to get closer to a secure spot at the school you’d like to attend. One of them being interviews. Interviews can be nerve-wracking, which is why we will be telling you the dos and don’ts so you can feel fully prepared and ready!


● Study the school’s specific interview process and make sure you are aware and

prepared with every document they ask for and every question they may hit you with.

● Study what makes this specific school appealing to you and why you see yourself

there(programs, sports teams, Greek life, etc.).

● Figure out whether it is an evaluative or informational interview. Evaluating means it is

directly beneficial for you to get admitted to that specific school and informational is more

for learning about the college and, if needed, its process for application.

● Always arrive early!! If you are on zoom be ready on your computer at least 10 minutes


● Dress appropriately. The way you present yourself is the way they will see you so make

sure you look put together and prepared.

● As said before, be aware of what they may ask you so review over all your responses

but do not memorize them off a paper. Try to be prepared but genuine.

● Ask them questions as well! Be engaged with the person who is interviewing you, but

make sure it is not something you can find on their website.

● Lastly, try and always send a thank-you note/ email.


● Do not walk in unprepared or shy. This is your one chance for admissions to actually see

who you are as a person so take advantage.

● Do not ask what the chances of you getting admitted are.

● Do not show up without knowing information about the school that directly affects you

and your future path.

● Do not say the reason you picked this school is due to its location.

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