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Why It’s Important to Submit Your College Applications Early

One of the most underappreciated tips college applicants take for granted is submitting college applications early. College applicants should submit their college applications at least three weeks before their admissions deadline. Below is a list of reasons why submitting college applications early is so important:

Avoid submitting applications in a rush! College applicants who refrain from submitting their

college applications early tend to submit their applications in a rush. Rushing a college application can lead to careless mistakes, and less-than perfect application.

Avoid needless stress! Rushing a college application can lead to needless stress. Submitting college applications can help give you piece-of-mind.

Avoid college biases! Colleges sometimes consider applications unfavorably if they’re not

submitted early. Colleges may assume that such students are disorganized, or uninterested in their particular college.

Avoid missing out on potential housing perks! Some colleges like the University of Florida or the University of Southern California offer housing to upcoming freshman in a first-come, first-served basis. If on-campus housing is important for you then submitting your college applications early is imperative.

Avoid Technical Difficulties! Anything can have in the final minutes before an application

deadline. A blackout could transpire, the internet could go down, the college application website could even experience glitches! Anything can happen, so it’s always better to submit applications early.

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