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2021-2022 Supplemental Essay Tips

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Those applying to colleges: Estimated release date August 1, 2021 But start early !!

Process: Brainstorming, first and second drafts, and then review. Possible prompts and what they may be looking for: What are you passionate about? What makes you wake up in the morning and gets you energized? How will you contribute to service and help for others? Why do you want to attend this particular university? What are your talents and tell us something unique about yourself? Purpose: Supplemental essay addresses each schools specific essays. Word count: 350-500 word essays What approach: Think outside the box and answer all the questions even the ones that are optional. Visit our site for further information on 2021 college essay prompts and the required universities that have supplemental essays. For more information on the common app essay and/or supplemental essays, or college admissions visit

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