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2026 Admission Statistics From Ivy Leagues

Updated: May 22, 2022

Admissions for the Class of 2026 showed difficulty as more applications were received

than accepted. These eight Ivy League Schools have released some statistics on the event of

the Class of 2026’s admissions. Further interpretation of this data and other colleges can be

found below.

Brown: Students are admitted nationwide, from the 50 states and 91 nations, where 17% of

their admitted students are first-generation students. From their program in Liberal Medical

Education, out of the 3,827 applicants, only 84 of them were admitted. In their Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program, only 19 of the 838 applicants were admitted.

Cornell: The release of this data has not been recorded.

Columbia: Students are again admitted from all 50 states and 86 countries where it has

recently been recorded to have an increase in students of color and first-generation students.

Comparing its current admission statistics to those of last year, there has been an increase in

students of color by 4% and first-generation students by 3%. Need-based financial aid was

given accordingly, showing out to over half of its admitted students.

Dartmouth: Students are admitted all over the 50 states. Among the population of U.S. citizens and permanent residents, 53% of those admitted were people of color and 17% of those admitted were first-generation students. 15% of students were admitted internationally.

Harvard: Comparing their current admissions results to that of last year’s, out of the admitted

students only 20.3% were first-generation, showing a decrease when compared. Of its admitted students over 20% of them are eligible for the Pell Grant, while financial assistance has increased throughout the school to a total household income of $75,000. In terms of race, 28% of admitted students were Asian and 15.5% of them were African American. The percentage of Hispanic students admitted into the Class of 2026 was 12.6%.

Princeton: The release of this data has not been recorded.

University of Pennsylvania: More data has not been released.

Yale: Students are admitted from 49 states, including Washington D.C. Puerto Rico, and 58



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