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Sapneil Tutoring's Specialized Tutoring Approach

Since 2010, Sapneil Tutoring has been one of South Florida's top tutoring firm, helping thousands of students achieve their academic goals. One reason why we have been so successful is because of our personalized tutoring method, providing a "prescriptive approach" to education.

Each of our students takes a mock exam, which gets graded and produces an extensive diagnostic report of all the topics present in the exam. These results are used to compare what the student performs best in to the topics they might be struggling more with. Using this diagnostic report and a cooperative effort between Dr. Parikh, the student, their tutor, and the students parents, we create an individualized study plan.

Keep reading to learn how Dr. Sapneil S. Parikh's created the personalized approach to diagnosing and specializing tutoring programs.

As schools close across the nation, many families struggle with the transition to E-Learning.

To make things a little easier in this difficult time, our tutors have been trained for virtual sessions. They’re here to help with the endless homework students are receiving, college courses like Organic Chemistry, and standardized exams like the AP Exams, MCAT, GRE, DAT and more.

For more information on COVID-19, standardized testing, E-Learning and more, contact us.

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