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Defeating Academic Challenges, some advice

Students face many challenges in K-12, and the fear of not getting a higher education for many families poses some great challenges. The capacity of a student is great to face pressures and changes in his life, perhaps the most important is to assume with great responsibility obligations as a student who must be more disciplined and organized with education and homework.

One important challenge is to enroll in a university or college. Students do not have the skills or competencies to pass the SAT or ACT tests. For them, those are very difficult. Sapneil Tutoring is aware of the student's fear of not being able to succeed and fail. Understanding the students' needs Sapneil Tutoring has designed 1-on-1 Learning Programs, a core program that allows large-quality interaction, excellent student engagement with instruction-materials-performance, enhancing student self-esteem, improving language skills, where the student can study and learn at his own pace.

During the process of 1-on-1 instruction, tutors address issues to overcome those. Learning Program strategies focus on...

  • Identifying and understanding instructional objectives, performance objectives, and achievements of each course subject, clearly distinguishing the roles that instruction has in the curriculum and the integration with other subjects.

  • Developing skills to obtain competencies to stay focused, observing with details elements of classes, taking relevant notes, being in permanent contact with explanations, and additional information from the blackboard or screens.

  • Involving in-class activities and dynamics, ask questions, reframe questions or unknowns, contribute points of view, be collaborative, etc. Be participatory and contribute.

  • Teaching how to use concept maps or flow charts to discriminate relevant information and its previous and subsequent relationships.

  • Respect and comply with the deadlines for assignments and group work in an organized manner.

  • Be creative, innovative, and original in tasks through rational approaches and relevant arguments.

  • As a student, it is important to remember that being original and exposing our point of view is more valuable than trying to imitate others and their work.

  • Be social, respectful of others, and their cultural characteristics. Integrate into the community without devaluing other interests or qualities or characteristics of colleagues.

  • Constantly reinforce and nurture your knowledge, skills, and abilities, this allows you to increase leadership and self-esteem.

The school is an excellent place to build and leverage our way of being and personality so that others appreciate qualities and characteristics that make us distinguishable, which undoubtedly makes us different and valuable to other classmates for immediate future success.

Sapneil Tutoring's 2020 Summer Learning Program focuses on private 1-on-1 Tutoring Learning programs with a customized solution. Students can obtain excellent training and preparation to get competences to develop successful tests, courses, assignments, homework, and obtain permanent study skills. Our tutors can help you with:

Test preparation- The most insightful, strategic, and effective SAT/ACT preparation.

Tutoring- Provide 1-on-1 tutoring for K-8 classes, high-school EOC and AP exams, and college-level courses.

College Advising- A program that prepares students for everything College Admission related. From planning to enrolling.

Home Schooling- Provides individual and group tutoring for home-schooled students.

And much more!

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