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Early Action vs Early Decision

When applying to colleges you are able to apply earlier than the regular application pool by

applying under Early Action Or Early Decision, but what is the difference between EA and ED,

and which should you choose?

Early Action gives students an opportunity to apply to, usually,

their top colleges at an earlier time than the regular admission pool, which allows them to hear back prior then everyone else.

Early Decision is more of a binding process that a student chooses to go through for hopefully their top school. ED causes the student to sign a contract explaining that if accepted you must attend that specific school.

Now when choosing which option may be better for you make sure you have done as much research on each school you are applying to. If Early Decision seems like the right choice for you, select a school you 100% guarantee will be the right fit for you academically, socially, financially, and geographically. You may only apply to one school as Early Decision so choose somewhere you are confident in.

When Do I Apply to EA?

Most due dates for Early Action applications are either November 1st or November 15th and

students will hear back usually in the month of January or February. You must make your

decision by May 1st.

When Do I Apply to ED?

Early Decision due dates are typically the same time as EA deadlines being in November. The

only difference is that some universities offer Early Decision II, allowing the second pool of

students who are 100% guaranteed to attend if accepted to apply. If accepted you must send a deposit before May 1st.

If you are a student who is looking into applying early to your schools, especially if it is for Early Decision, make sure that one University was heavily researched, as goes for all the other

Universities you choose to apply to.

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