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Florida's Bright Futures Scholarship Updates:

If you are a resident of Florida then there is a high chance you’ve heard of Bright Futures. Over the years this scholarship has been offered to all students who meet certain requirements giving them either up to 100% of their tuition covered or up to 75%.

So, what’s different about this year?

As of this week, the Republican Senate has moved forward in the new rewrite for the Bright Futures Scholarship, bringing a lot of frustration and confusion for Florida residents. In this bill (Senate Bill 86), the new rewrite gives education officials a chance to choose which majors do not initially always lead directly to jobs after graduation, which also ties in with how much money you may receive for tuition.

So what does that mean for high school students?

Any student who is choosing to follow a certain path and decides to major in something that may be on this list will most likely receive less money. This raises many questions and concerns for students who have applied or are applying to schools in the future, but this does not only affect high school students.

So what does this mean for college students?

If you are currently a college student attending your school with the Bright Futures Scholarship then this applies to you too!! Depending on what you are studying you’re major may be placed on this list causing you to receive less money for tuition for the upcoming semesters.

How does this affect AP classes?

Another thing high school students should keep in mind is that the bill also includes taking away any scholarship funding for an AP class that was already taken. The reason for this is because it is believed that it is not necessary to pay for a course that was already taken by the student. Usually, for most colleges, AP credits are accepted but some colleges or universities may make you retake certain classes, especially if you got below a 3 on any of your AP scores.

Any student who is applying or is currently on the Bright Futures Scholarship should definitely be following this bill and keep updated so you are aware of how this may affect you in the near future. Although the republican senate is pushing this bill, Democrats are not too happy about it. They do not believe that students should get penalized for choosing a career path that may be less desirable to others. At this moment we do not know whether or not this bill will end up getting passed and is still in the early stages of legislation.

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