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Florida Schools SAT/ACT Super Score

If you are not satisfied with your SAT/ACT score there is no need to start to panic. Many schools tend to super score or average your SAT/ACT after a certain amount of attempts. What this means is that you are able to select your strongest sections on any exam and combine those scores together. This 100% works in your favor so please make sure to retake whichever exam you are focusing on if the score you have now is not satisfying for you or the schools you are targeting. Most Florida schools allow you to super score.

Below you will find a list of schools with their SAT and ACT average, as well as if they super score:

Florida Schools

1. University of Central Florida (UCF)

SAT: Fall 1250-1370; Summer 1170-1280;

ACT: Fall 26-30; Summer 23-28


2. University of Florida (UF)

SAT: Fall 1350-1480; Summer 1260-1420;

ACT: Fall 30-34; Summer 29-32


3. Florida A&M University (FAMU)

SAT 26 Math, 27 Reading, 27 Language;

ACT: Math 22; 22 Reading, 19 English

Do not Superscore.

4. Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

SAT: Fall 1100-1270; Summer: 1000-1120;

ACT: Fall: 23-29; Summer 19-24


5. Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)

SAT: Fall 1090-1230; Summer 1050-1180;

ACT: Fall 22-27; Summer 19-25


6. Florida International University (FIU)

SAT: Fall 1200-1350; Summer 1040-1160;

ACT: Fall 25-30; Summer 20-25


7. Florida Polytechnic Institute (Florida Poly)

SAT: Fall 1250-1400; Summer 1130-1200;

ACT: Fall 27-31; Summer 23-26


8. Florida State University (FSU)

SAT: Fall 1250-1400; Summer 1190-1300;

ACT: Fall 28-32; Summer 25-29


9. New College Of Florida (NCF)

SAT: 1190-1365;

ACT: 25-30


10. University of North Florida (UNF)

SAT: Fall 1230-1370; Summer 1090-1170;

ACT: Fall 22-28; Summer 20-25


11. University of South Florida (USF)

SAT: Fall 1230-1370; Summer 1090-1170;

ACT: Fall 26-31; Summer 22-25


12. University Of West Florida (UWF)

SAT: Fall 1060-1240; Summer 1020-1180;

ACT: Fall 21-27; Summer 20-24


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