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How to Ace a College Admissions Interview

One of the most important aspects of a college application is the college interview. Interviews are the perfect way for colleges to get to know their prospective students. It gives college admission officers the opportunity to put a face on to a college application. It’s imperative that college applicants perform well on a college interview, and leave off a positive impression. Below are some of the things that college applicants should and should not do in a college interview.

Should do:

- Should find out what kind of interview school conducts: Colleges either one of two types interviews; evaluative or informational. Evaluative interviews specifically contribute towards evaluating an overall college application. In contrast, informational interviews only serve to acquaint a college applicant with the school they’re visiting.

- Should make sure to dress in proper attire: College interviews are usually attended in business casual attire. It’s unacceptable to attend an interview wearing things like a hoody or t-shirt.

- Should make sure to practice the interview beforehand: College applicants should have an idea of what they’re going to say in a college interview beforehand. However, it’s important that college applicants don’t sound robotic or over-rehearsed during an interview.

Should not do:

- Should not be shy during the interview: It’s important that college applicants are positive and receptive during a college interview. The goal of the interview for the admissions officer to get to know you better, so college applicants need to be comfortable talking about themselves.

- Should not check your phone too often: It’s expected that phones are turned off and put away during an interview. It’s rude and gives off a very bad impression to be on your phone during an interview.

- Should not ask what your odds are of getting accepted: A college interview is not the appropriate setting to ask this question. A college interview is purely intended to get to know you better.

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