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How To Do Well In College Admissions Interviews

Interviews are starting to be conducted in different ways. This new change is called an

asynchronous interview. This means that the interviewer is not present at the same time as

you. It is mostly structured by having the interviewee answer a set of questions as they record


How will this interview be organized?

- There is specialized software in which the interviewee will be sent a link in order to complete their interview.

- Start the interview whenever you feel ready.

- There will be a step-by-step guide throughout the interview in which you should also see the questions displayed on the screen ready for your answer.

- As you answer the questions you should act as if you were with the interviewer and record yourself through your webcam or phone camera.

Examples of Interview Questions:

- Some general questions may be asked to get to know you better. For example “Tell me about yourself”.

- You may also be asked to describe your experiences with questions such as “What are your weaknesses?” “What obstacles have you faced?”

- To find out what your personal goals are you may be asked “Why do you want to go to college?”

How to Prepare for a College Admissions Interview:

- Prepare your responses in advance to general interview questions and have a list of

questions ready to ask to be answered later. Each question should be fully answered.

- Practice by doing a mock interview with someone and one on your own to get used to

the experience. Practice by recording yourself and watching it afterward in order to

determine what you may want to improve on. When it comes to your demeanor it is best

to remain calm.

- Make sure you are in the right environment. Meaning making sure you are in a well-lit

area and it is quiet enough for you to be able to get through the interview with no


- Make sure your camera is set at a good angle, preferably at eye level.

- Be sure to test your internet connection to ensure a smooth interview process.

- Dress professionally as you would for a regular face-to-face interview.

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