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Increase in the Number of Applications for UF and FSU

The numbers are skyrocketing in that of college applications to the University of Florida

and Florida State. It is reported that in the fall semester of 2014 the University of Florida had

around 29,000 students apply. Now looking at the numbers for fall 2022, 60,000 students had applied. As for Florida State University, on January 7, 2021, they received 55,500 applications and in the year 2022, they had 67,291 apply.

There are various reasons behind the sudden increase in numbers. The rankings between each of the schools could be one of the reasons due to the recent announcement that UF has been ranked in the nation’s top five and FSU in the top 20. Cost of attendance is also an important factor as they are known to have the lowest tuition and fees amongst public universities.

Starting the new academic year of 2022-23, Florida has granted that if a student who is applying out of State into Florida and they have a grandparent who lives here, they are now eligible to have in-state tuition. Those who have graduated from a Florida high school have had the opportunity to earn the Florida Bright Futures scholarship. Making the possibility of attending these Universities more attainable through the help of scholarships.

The trend could also be explained due to the accessibility of the SAT/ACT. In the previous year, test scores were still required, but due to the accessibility complications from COVID-19, not that many students could send in their test scores. This year SAT/ACT testing is much more accessible and a growing number of students have been able to take it and apply to these universities. Florida prepaid is also one of the reasons people feel comfortable applying to these colleges as they feel well prepared for the school’s charges. This savings plan allows for families to develop a plan in which throughout their child’s growing years they can continue to save for their future education.

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