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Major Changes to College Applications Due to COVID-19

If you are junior or senior in high school you may be wondering if anything related to the SAT or ACT has changed due to Covid-19. Because of these new circumstances, there have definitely been changes revolving around applications and the SAT and ACT. Acknowledging that many students may be struggling in order to prepare or attend these exams, college/universities have chosen to go the test-optional route on their applications. This gives students the option of not taking the exam or simply deciding not to submit their scores.

When it comes to college applications not much has changed surrounding the process other than the possible option of not submitting your SAT or ACT. In doing this you must be aware that your application must have other strong suites in order to stand out during their “holistic review”. This means your grades are one of the key factors in getting considered for a college or university you would like to attend. Another key factor is your essay/ personal statement. This is super important for you to really take your time and focus on them getting to understand you as a person. This will be the voice of your application so make sure to put in a lot of effort.

Not only are your grades and essays very important but submitting your test scores whether the school is test-optional or not is essential. If you do well on the SAT/ACT and have a 3.5 GPA, choosing to submit that score will raise your chances of getting in over someone with simply just a 3.5 GPA and no test score submission. In a way, test-optional gives you more of an advantage rather than someone who has not submitted their test score at all. There are many ways to prep for these exams but a guaranteed good score comes from private tutoring centers. Attending personal tutoring classes whether they are online or not can help you submit amazing test scores by the time you need to apply. Sapneil Tutoring can push you to achieve these scores in order to help you stand out on your application and so much more. Private one on one tutoring is something that can really help any student feel prepared and ready for exam scores and applications.

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