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National College Decision Day 2021

The most important day of the year is almost here- it is May 1, 2021- National College Decision Day!! The anticipation, preparation and effort come together on this day to find out your decision list.

These are the most important steps below to make the most of the day!

Step 1: Make sure to take note of your new list, narrow your list down. Make sure to evaluate your initial schools and your target school.

Step 2: Rank your list by pros/cons!

- This means compare student inclusion, diversity, and equality on campus, evaluate big sport schools versus other activities outside of athletics. Look at the list of honors programs and accelerated research programs that are available in the institution.

Step 3: Revisit the schools website and see if you can register for a virtual college tour or speak to some student ambassadors at the program.

Step 4: Achieve and focus on your academic goals. Why do you want to go to that college or university? What is your plan with your education after you graduate? These don’t have to be definite but have an idea.

Step 5: Evaluate the Finances of the program, what is the cost of the college, what are housing and room and board, are you going to study abroad? Are there any programs for students who can get scholarships or grants?

Step 6: Try to get in touch with classmates who have gone to the program, or new students enrolled, and get their opinions as well.

Step 7: Talk to family and friends, they know you best and will support you with your decision but also help you make the right one.

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