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Pearls for College Visits in 2021

As colleges and universities begin to lax their policies on school visits , it is now more than imperative to visit the school - in person if that is an option. Use the resources and tips below to help in your quest to find the best university.

1. Start in the State you are from:

Setup all the local public and private universities in your area and schedule a time to meet with the school, this will give you a benchmark especially

If you are applying out of state.

2. Do your research.

Look at the guidelines on students , how they address class sizes and safety for students. Then visit the schools and speak to the ambassadors of the departments.

3. Plan the visit. It is imperative you call ahead or go online to reserve your tour

If you know someone ask them for a tour and their opinion.

5. Make a list of questions to ask admissions staff, financial aid reps, faculty, and students.

Thinking through questions before you visit will make the college search easier. You’ll be less likely to have outstanding questions on your way home, and, if the school requires a “Why Us” essay, you may use some of the information you learned in that essay.

6.Make sure you’ll feel safe.

Ask about campus security. What are the blue light telephones and if they are investing in other types of securities.

7. Make a list of what you need.

ID/passports, clothing that is comfortable , look up places to socialize and eat get to know the area and talk to the locals !! Have fun :)


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