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SAT ACT Score Release Dates


Many of you may have already taken the SAT or will be taking it soon, so knowing when the

exam dates are and when the scores are released is definitely something extremely important to be aware of.

Below you can find a list of all 2021-2022 test dates:

August 28th, 2021- scores released September 10th

October 2nd, 2021- scores released October 15th

November 6th, 2021- scores released November 19th

December 4th, 2021- scores released December 17th

March 12th, 2022- scores released March 25th

May 7th, 2022- scores released May 20th

June 4, 2022- scores released July 13th, 2022

Make sure you have the test date that applies to you memorized!!

Colleges usually receive your scores roughly a month later so be aware of your scores because you may want to superscore, register again, or submit specific things to specific schools differently.


Now many of you may have already taken the ACT or are preparing to take it soon, so knowing your test dates and your score release dates is a must.

Below is a list of the 2021-2022 ACT testing/ score release dates:

June 12th, 2021- scores released June 22nd-Aug 6th

July 17th, 2021- scores released July 27th-Sep 10th

September 11th, 2021- scores released Sep 27th- Nov 5th

October 23rd, 2021- scores released November 9th-Dec 30th

December 11th, 2021- scores released December 21- February 4th

February 12th, 2022- scores released February 25th- Apr 7th

April 2nd, 2022- scores released April 12th-April 7th

June 11th, 2022- scores released June 21st-Aug 5

July 16th, 2022- scores released July 26th-Sep 9th

Again, make sure the test dates that apply to you are memorized in your brain!

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