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SAT ACT Score Release Dates

Updated: Feb 23


Many of you may have already taken the SAT or will be taking it soon, so knowing when the

exam dates are and when the scores are released is definitely something extremely important to be aware of.

Below you can find a list of all 2024 SAT/ACT test dates:

Make sure you have the test date that applies to you memorized!!

Colleges usually receive your scores roughly a month later so be aware of your scores because you may want to superscore, register again, or submit specific things to specific schools differently.


Now many of you may have already taken the ACT or are preparing to take it soon, so knowing your test dates and your score release dates is a must.

How important are ACT scores in the college application process?

ACT scores play a crucial role in the college application process as they serve as a reflection of a student's academic effort and commitment during high school. These scores provide colleges and universities with a standardized measure of a student's readiness for higher education. While strong ACT scores can enhance an application, it is essential to view them as just one part of the holistic admission process, which considers various aspects of a student's background and achievements.

Where can students find their ACT scores?

Students can access their ACT scores by logging in to their MyACT account.

When can students expect to receive their ACT scores if they take the test on a school day?

Students who take the ACT on a school day can anticipate receiving their scores approximately between two to eight weeks following the test date.

At what time are ACT scores typically published daily?

ACT exam scores are typically released daily at midnight Central time. This corresponds to 10 p.m. Pacific time, 11 p.m. Mountain time, and 1 a.m. Eastern time.

What is the ACT delivery timeline for various recipients of score reports?

The ACT delivery timeline for various recipients of score reports involves several key stages. Firstly, after taking the test, students can expect to receive their Student Report, containing their ACT scores and helpful college and career planning information, in their MyACT account approximately two to eight weeks after the test date.

Secondly, high schools will receive the High School Report, which includes the student's ACT scores and additional insights to aid academic advisors in guiding the student effectively. This report is typically available to schools within the same two to eight-week timeframe post-test date.

Lastly, the College Report is sent to the colleges or universities that the student selected during registration. The delivery timeframe for this report varies based on individual college policies and processes, as well as when the order was placed. Students should note that the timing of the College Report is crucial and largely dependent on the specific requirements of the receiving institutions. Understanding and being aware of these timelines allows students to plan their college application process effectively, make informed decisions regarding ACT retakes if necessary, and meet application deadlines while maximizing the use of their ACT scores on their educational journey.

What are some common reasons for ACT score delays?

ACT scores may be delayed for various reasons such as rescheduled test dates, incomplete or incorrect student information, discrepancies between personal information on answer documents and admission tickets, irregularities at testing centers, and outstanding registration fees. Rescheduling test dates can impact score release timing, while errors or omissions in registration information can slow down the reporting process. Inconsistencies in personal details can also trigger delays, as can issues or irregularities reported during testing.

Additionally, unresolved registration fees may prevent access to ACT scores until the fees are settled. It is essential to ensure accuracy and completeness in registration information, maintain consistency in personal data, and promptly address any outstanding fees to avoid potential delays in receiving ACT scores.

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