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SAT Changes

Starting in 2024, the SAT will be all digital and will be shortened to a period of two hours.

Its digital version will allow for easier access and management as the test is administered. One thing to keep in mind is that the original SAT will not just be simply turned digital. In terms of relevancy, it will be updated to fit what a digital delivery can uphold.

The reason for this change falls behind a test run done in November of 2021. Students and educators have reported a positive and less stressful experience. Some of the changes that will be taking place are that No. 2 pencils will no longer be needed and calculators can be used throughout the whole math section. The reading section of the exam will include shorter passages with one question each. This will be more efficient for the students as these passages will represent college-level work. Scores will also be sent back within a couple of days rather than taking a couple of weeks.

Apart from all these changes, the SAT will still be taken on school grounds and will be scored out of 1600. Although access to these newly required resources may be difficult to obtain, the College Board has decided that students will be allowed to use their own devices and any that the school may provide. If the student doesn’t have access to a device, the College Board may provide one.

The SAT serves as a scholarship option for students even when several colleges have made the test optional. It offers students access to colleges, scholarships, and educational opportunities. It also serves as a confirmation in the student’s abilities involving their grades, but can also prove their strengths beyond that. It is proven to be an objective measure at times when:

● There are more than 25,000 high schools inside the U.S. No college can recognize and see all of these excessive schools and each pupil in them.

● While high school grades are a vital reflection of the students’ work, the percentage of high school students graduating with an A has grown from 39% in 1998 to 55% in 2021.

● Other parts of college programs, consisting of equipment, sports activities, and educational activities, often are luxurious and inaccessible for many families.

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