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Scholarships for High School Juniors

When looking into scholarships for your upcoming college education, most think it is best to start looking into scholarships during their senior year of high school. High school students should be researching and looking into different scholarships starting junior year as there are some that may apply early on. The following information applies to those students who are current or upcoming juniors in high school:

Big Future Scholarships

This scholarship can apply to students who are taking steps to plan for college. The awards can range from $500 to $40,000. These awards are given out every two months and can be done by completing any of the following:

- Build Your College List: $500 and $40,000

- Deadline: June 2022

- Practice for the SAT: $500 and $40,000

- Deadline: June 2022

- Explore Scholarships: $500 and $40,000

- Opens: July 2022

- Deadline: February 2023

- Strengthen Your College List: $500 and $40,000

- Opens: July 2022

- Deadline: October 2022

- Complete FAFSA: $500 and $40,000

- Opens: October 2022

- Deadline: February 2023

- Apply to Colleges: $500 and $40,000

- Opens: October 2022

- Deadline: February 2023

Scholarship Search Tool

Big Future also offers a scholarship search tool that can help students find scholarships that

may apply to them based on their background. It includes over 6,000 scholarship programs,

giving out $4 billion scholarship dollars yearly. Some scholarships that may apply to high school juniors are as the following:

Davidson Fellows

- Earn up to $50,000 in scholarships by submitting work in different categories

- Opens: November 30th

Scholarship America

- This scholarship is open to all high schoolers

- Deadline varies

Horatio Alger Scholarships

- This scholarship is awarded to students who have overcome a great obstacle

- This program offers over 106 scholarships, $25,000 each

- Deadline: March 15

Find out more information about college admissions, our programs, or on our student-exclusive scholarship program by visiting our website:

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