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Statistics Courses in South Florida Universities

The Statistical World at the University of Miami

Exploring the Probability and Statistics Track

● Discover a range of courses like "Introduction to Probability and Statistics" and "Statistical Analysis".

● Ideal for students eyeing careers in actuarial science.

● Core mathematics courses paired with specialized statistical ones.

Advanced Online Opportunities

● Dive into the online Certificate in Data Management and Statistical Analysis.

● Master tools such as R and Python in courses covering Quantitative Research Methods and Applied Multivariate Statistics.

Florida International University’s Statistical Spectrum

Undergraduate Statistical Foundations

● Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences with a Statistics major.

● Hands-on training to collect, analyze, and interpret data.

● An accelerated track to earn both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Graduate-Level Statistical Exploration

● Master of Science in Statistics: A blend of theoretical and applied statistical study.

● Specialization options in Biostatistics/Environ metrics and Reliability Analysis/Quality Control.

● Thesis and non-thesis paths with a comprehensive curriculum.

Faculty Expertise and Collaboration

● Faculty engaged in diverse statistical areas.

● Contributions enhancing FIU's national and international standing.

Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Mathematical Journey

Mathematics with a Statistical Twist

● A Mathematics major woven with Christian values.

● Opportunities for hands-on research and practical applications.

● Potential inclusion of statistical methods within the curriculum.

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