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Staying on Track During Quarantine (How to make a study-schedule)

A simple way to stay on track and out of the doldrums is by keeping a daily schedule. The schedule can include an allotted time for educational work such as SAT/ACT prep, summer reading, or subject skills which can be as easy as printing out a math/reading handout and dedicating an hour or two to work through it.

Think about it like this, if you were in school you’d be there for about 8 consecutive hours a day but with a custom schedule you can have either a max time or a max amount of work. So, either tell yourself I will work from 8am-10am then take a break and then start again from 2pm-4pm or find some SAT study guides and tell yourself, today I’ll get through the reading and math sections. The most important part is to have the schedule fit you. If you’re someone who can work for a few hours with no rest then go for that strategy if not give yourself a few breaks in between. Not only, should your schedule consist of studying but give yourself time for a hobby or two. If, like myself, you enjoy reading make a note in your schedule “today ill read for an hour or until pg. 96.” If there was always something you wanted to learn like playing an instrument place that in your schedule too, “today I’ll learn the basic keys of the piano,” and so on. Focus on schoolwork but don’t over burden yourself. This next piece might be difficult to absorb, but, as a young adult remember that you’re getting older and becoming an adult. With this growth there are increased responsibilities.

In your schedule add that you’ll vacuum the house today or organize your room. These simple tasks will in triplet; make your parents happy, prepare you for the future, and get you through the day a bit faster. A clear schedule will set you in pace to succeed in your future endeavors. Be as creative as you want or as simple as you want, but what matters is what works for you. Find the best fit to keep you motivated for school, entertained, and responsible.

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