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Stress/anxiety Tips to Use During Quarantine

Often times during periods of heavy stress like an international pandemic many fall into feelings of depression or anxiety and changes in sleep patterns and eating patterns can be affected. First, you are not alone, it helps to understand that the problems that you are going through due to the pandemic or otherwise are shared with your friends, family, and people across the world. There are many ways to cope with stress and although everyone has their own ways to do so here are a few simple and healthy ways.

To begin, the amount of news available on the topic of COVID-19 is insurmountable. News includes things you see on television, social media, YouTube, or in articles such as newspapers and blogs. Checking the news in the morning and then at night is a simple way to stay in the loop but avoid the nasty stresses involved with over searching. In these backwards times don’t forget to take care of your body. As basic as taking deep breaths, meditating, and stretching allows for your body to unwind. In addition to unwinding your body, in these times it’s important to exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. Too much of either is bad but an easy to follow regiment is the rule of 10; 10 squats, 10 push-ups, 10 lunges, etc. Simple exercises done for 10 repetitions aren’t extremely taxing on the body but keep your blood pumping and your body in shape.

The COVID-19 outbreak has sprouted a trend of at home workouts so if you want something more challenging it’s as easy as typing “at home workouts” into Google or YouTube. Having a strong sleep schedule will help keep your brain awake during the day and your body from becoming lethargic. Sleeping an average of 8 hours a night is a healthy amount for most adults while children and teens require an average of 10 hours of sleep. Lastly in these times of isolation don’t lose touch with your friends. Give them a call and talk or find ways to connect. Remember you’re not going through this alone and we will all get through this pandemic together.

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