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Supplemental Essay Prompts for the Class of 2023

As a senior in high school, supplemental essays should be on your mind. Supplemental essays are essays with topics or a prompt specific to that school. As this requirement in the application process became available on August 1st through the Common App, it is recommended that you start thinking about what you want to write about and start drafting your essay.

Supplemental Essay Outline

While the Common Application essay is submitted to various universities, supplemental essays are specific to the schools asking for them. An incredible supplemental paper can give

admissions officials more motivation to admit you, while likewise giving the chance to inform

universities about you personally and your achievements.

A few prompts may ask you to feature your gifts, recount your special story, or potentially

underline your capacity to contribute to a campus. A few schools get more innovative by posing a novel inquiry or two just to perceive your creative thought process.

Students applying to numerous schools can hope to compose at least 15 supplemental

expositions during the school application process. These expositions for the most part range in word count somewhere from 150 to 500 words.

Supplemental essays are a vital piece of the application. You will require insightful, elegantly

composed reactions. Don't leave these essays for the latest possible second! They will carve

out opportunities to compose, and you deserve to do your absolute best and not race through

them. One final tip, optional essays are not exactly optional. They should be treated as a

required step in order to successfully complete the application process.

If you are looking for a list of each institution’s supplemental essay questions, this can be found through the following link:

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