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The Importance of Community Service for Admissions and Scholarships (During COVID-19)

Community service hours have always been important, regardless of there being a world-wide virus that has damaged an innumerable amount of lives or for the purpose of college admissions. Service hours can better you as a person and help you understand, as well as, care for your community. In interesting and surprising ways it can also open the doors to your future, helping you understand who you are and who you want to be.

However, seeing as we are going through an international pandemic and we are here to inform you about college admissions, keep in mind that this year there will be a lack of standardized tests. Therefore, schools must look beyond to find new ways to differentiate between incoming applicants. One major way will be by looking at a student’s service/ community record. Students with a high amount of community hours are often seen by colleges/ universities to share the school’s values and contribute to the school’s views and mission statement.

Not only do schools pay attention to service hours but scholarships as well. There are many scholarships, such as the Bonner Scholars Program, which keep an eye and reward students for exemplary community service. In addition, Florida Bright Futures is another avenue for Florida residents to receive scholarships through community/service hours.

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