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The Uncertainty of the SAT

Most colleges have dropped their testing requirements for fall 2023 admissions. MIT

has reported doing the opposite as no SAT/ACT scores to consider can lead to hurting the

chances of low-income students. Although there have been many analyses of the scores

between low and high-income students, students from higher-income families score higher on

the SAT. MIT has a different conclusion from that. Disposing of testing simply denies us an

important instrument for seeing the aftereffects of our present strategies. Without tests, the

issue is harder to see and harder to address. The dropping of test scores is something to

heavily consider as it has to be played right.

In the course of considering a student’s admission, essays, recommendations, classwork, and family income should be weighed more than test scores. Studies of different sorts have likewise observed that state-sanctioned testing works on the portrayal of low-income students since testing replaces more defective signs of educational readiness. In the state of Michigan, every high school student is to take the SAT/ACT. This showed an increase in low-income students attending four-year colleges.

These studies recommend that the smartest strategy could really be to take the SAT, not leave it altogether. State-sanctioned testing, unjust as it very well may be, is fairer than some other measure.

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