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Time To Apply For The FAFSA

It is officially October!! Which means all seniors should have already started applying or

preparing to apply for the 2022-2023 FAFSA and creating your CSS Profiles. Make sure you all complete the application as soon as possible being that the FAFSA and CSS is first come first serve based on your income and specific target school.


The free application for federal student aid is a form that allows most colleges or universities to determine eligibility students have for things like grants, student loans, and work study. The

FAFSA opens up every year on October 1st. If you are applying for the first time without any

other siblings going through FAFSA then you must fill everything out on your side and both

parents/guardians side. If you had a sibling who has gone through this process before you are

able to receive all your parents/ guardians tax information if it has not changed. Below you can find the link to the official FAFSA home page:


The College Scholarship Service profile allows you to see how much you may be receiving from each school that you have applied to, giving you the opportunity to see what is best for you financially. Not all schools require a CSS profile so make sure you check in with every school you are applying to or have already applied to. Below you will find the CSS login page:

Find out more information about college admissions, our programs, or on our student-exclusive scholarship program by visiting our website:

Give us a call or send us an email anytime!


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