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Tips for Scholarships in college

Not everyone is born with extreme intelligence where they can provide nearly perfect grades

and SAT scores to universities in order to acquire more scholarships. Many students have

average grades and or test scores that may bring the question of how they will pay for college if extra support is needed.

Not to worry!! There are millions of different scholarships offered to

every single student with just a click away. Each scholarship has different requirements giving

everyone an opportunity to apply to what fits for them. So applying to various scholarships gives you nothing to lose and creates a higher chance of receiving free money, and nobody dislikes free money. Now when looking into scholarships here’s everything you need to know:

Scholarship websites

Sign up for scholarship websites!! There are so many different websites that offer hundreds of

thousands of scholarships that help you keep everything organized and help you apply to

multiple different ones in a single sitting. Some of the most popular free websites include:

Don’t just apply to big amounts!!

Many may be drawn more towards larger amounts of money but that should not be the only

thing you allow yourself to apply to. As well as larger scholarships there are thousands, if not

more, of scholarships that range from $100-$1000. Although you may think $100 might not be

much, you have a way higher chance of receiving the scholarship than there is a smaller

application pool. Everything adds up and $100 may not seem like much now but once those

textbook fees start rolling in you are going to be very happy.

Highschool Counselor

Speaking to your counselor is important because they may have a list of resources available for you or local scholarships they know you qualify for.

Academic Strengths

As said before, not everyone has amazing grades and or test scores, but if you do have a high

GPA and or high SAT/ACT then there should be plenty of different applications you should be

filling out. Many scholarships heavily base themselves on GPA/Test score requirements. Having high scores really does make it easier to apply to a handful of more scholarships and gives the student a lot more flexibility in searching for certain scholarships.

Any one of you can find plenty of scholarships that you are able to qualify for, whether it is

based on academics or the color of your hair, there are opportunities everywhere. If you still

have time to improve your test scores/ GPA do it!! Although there are many opportunities

available, a high GPA and high test score will make it a lot easier for you to collect as much money as possible. College is expensive so please take advantage and just keep applying!! Big or small!!

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