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Tips To Prepare For Your SAT Exam

We all have different ways of studying, whether it’s 5 minutes before an exam or two weeks ahead of time, everybody works differently. When studying for the SAT we all ask the same question, Where do I start and how do I prepare for this exam? There are many different tips and online suggestions but here is what you really need to know.

The first thing in order to set yourself up for this exam is to get a feel of the test by registering to take the PSAT or taking a practice exam in a testing center. This will allow you to see everything you need to improve on and help you practice everything you should be focusing on.

Another essential thing to start practicing is time management. Time management is one of the key aspects of practicing for the SAT and learning how to answer a certain amount of questions in a certain amount of time can be difficult. For the real SAT, you will be given an exam booklet with the first section being reading. For this section, you are given 52 questions in a span of 65 minutes. Following this is the writing and language section, which gives you 44 questions in a span of 35 minutes. After you will switch over to the math section without a calculator, and answer 20 questions in 25 minutes. Finally, you are given 55 minutes in order to complete 38 questions with a calculator. Practicing timing yourself and being able to understand each question in a short amount of time is a key to succeeding on this exam.

Another way to prepare for these exams is by dressing for the occasion. The SAT is a long and tedious test, so the comfier the better. You must also wake up on time!! It is extremely important to arrive at your exam early in order to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you arrive anytime after the test is administered you will not be able to take it.

The SAT is highly suggested in taking in order to expose you to many new opportunities when applying to colleges, scholarships, internships, etc. Studying for this exam is something that you will need to push yourself to do because you will never improve if you don’t practice. As said before you should definitely be taking practice tests and start to work on anything you are struggling with.

One extremely helpful way to study and set yourself up for success is by joining a tutoring center that will lead you on this path, and that is what Sapneil Tutoring offers. Sapneil offers one on one classes, in person or online, that provide you with many different practice exams and focus on your strong and weak suites. Investing in you or your child’s future today can really bring vast amounts of opportunities that will pay off in the future.

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