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When Is The Best Time To Get Your Letters Of Recommendation?

The traditional letter of recommendation has a lot of importance, typically they are completed by your counselor and then an additional two teachers who will typically describe your strengths and character for college admissions representative to evaluate. The best time to ask them is NOW! Don’t wait until one week before the application is due, ask them way in advance, keep in mind they may have to write letters for multiple students, so communicate and prepare in advance.

These are some tips for students who have been learning online this year!

#1: Choose someone that will write a valid, fair, and supportive letter of recommendation! You generally will not see the letter of recommendation but choose wisely.

#2: Choose a teacher who teaches a major subject you are taking or have taken in the past. They know you well, and you have spent some time in their class.

#3: Ask your recommender, In the common and coalition application, do not just add their name to the application, ask them directly and then get their approval.

#4: Provide an outline or letter of recommendation steps for your recommender to follow. Include all the pertinent information that is required, like email, cell, college deadlines, detailed accomplishments/improvements in that teacher’s subject and class.

#5: Give them a thank you letter or gift card, as a gesture of appreciation.

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