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10 Tips for the School Year

1. Evaluate all courses and teachers.

You want your courses to challenge you, but you do not want to overwhelm yourself with too much work. Your grades are an incredibly important for the college admissions process. Take the time to review your schedule, the courses you have selected, as well as your teachers.

2. Stay organized.

Learn how to stay on top of and keep track of deadlines. Use a calendar or a planner to organize your time to study and complete assignments in a timely manner.

3. Commit to working hard.

Stay on top of your assignments. Work hard. Reach out to your teacher or a tutor if you are struggling in a particular subject.

4. Get involved in clubs, activities, sports, etc.

Explore your interests and try new things. If your school does not have in-person extra-curriculars this year, do your best to stay involved virtually.

5. Develop a unique skill or hobby.

Decide to get good at something you like. Set time aside each week to cultivate this new skill. This can be knitting, cooking or creating digital content to talk about an interest. Better yet, look for mentors and internships in your field of interest.

6. Explore and apply for scholarships.

Research and apply for scholarships. You can try and

7. Become a voracious reader to build a prodigious vocabulary.

To do well on standardized tests, you need to be a good reader and have an expansive vocabulary. We recommend subscribing to magazines, or joining a book club.

8. Make smart decisions on social media.

Think before you post. Do not post anything racist, sexist or stupid on social media. Colleges deny and revoke admissions based on offensive social media posts.

9. Make good life decisions.

Do not text and drive, or drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Do not get into a car with someone driving under the influence. These are very dangerous situations that can ruin or end your life.

10. Maintain a positive attitude and take care of yourself.

Having a positive mindset helps with your relationships and with achieving your goals. Be grateful, journal, and set aside time in your week to relax and take care of yourself.

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