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Of course, many students and parents are concerned with how the Florida State Assessments will be administered this year. There have been quite a few changes for the upcoming FSA exams, but if you were hoping for these exams to be pushed back or taken online that is not the case.

When are the FSA exams this year?

The FSA exams will be distributed on the usual dates with an added two-week extension window. This window will help teachers administer the test safely and give a larger window of flexibility.


English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, and Science

End of the year course assessments

FSA Retakes

Will these Exams be in person or online?

All these exams will be taken in person for students even if you or your child is currently in remote learning classes. These exams are definitely something every student should be preparing for being that they determine if you will be going on to the next grade or if you are eligible to graduate. The FSA is crucial this year in order to see how kids are doing under these circumstances.

When will the FSA scores be released?

The FSA scores will be released a little later than usual this year being that the exams have added a two-week extension period. All the assessments should be available to students no later than July 31st apart from the 3rd grade ELA assessment, which should be available no later than July 30th.

The FSA is sadly unavoidable for Florida students which is why you should memorize your testing dates and know which tests you are needed to take for your year. If you ever feel unprepared or just in need of extra help one on one tutoring is extremely helpful and will guarantee a full understanding of the subject in order to pass your assessments. At Sapneil Tutoring we offer just that! Sapneil Tutoring gives students a calm and supportive setting that pushes them to strengthen their knowledge when preparing for any upcoming exam. We offer many different subjects with in-person and online tutoring giving the student the flexibility to learn wherever they are comfortable.

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